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Top 5 Bathroom & Kitchen Sink Faucets According To Orange County Plumber

Imagine how many times you use your faucet for the simplest things like washing or rinsing a plate or some delicious fruits. Your faucets do not have to be boring, dull, and ordinary though. You can have a unique and fun faucet in your home, all you need to do is find a plumber who can install them for you. Here is a list of the top 5 faucets for your kitchen & bathroom.

Hands-Free Operation Faucets

According to Orange County Plumber, hands free operating faucets are one of the best when it comes to health. Can you imagine the germs on an ordinary faucet? Thousands of people touch the faucets used in a public bathroom. Even if you wash your hands with soap, in order to close the faucet you will have to touch the tap. Enter the hands free faucet! The faucet uses a sensor which turns on as soon as you place your hand underneath it. As soon as you remove your hand, the faucet turns off instantly thus preventing you from touching said germs.

Water Saving Faucets

Let’ say you are taking care of business, and when time comes to wash your hands you realize there is no water. What if you want to get a drink of water and want to rinse the glass beforehand?  But there is no water, not even a drop. Luckily there is a solution to this according to Orange County Plumber, and it is not too expensive. Water saving faucets can store a small amount of water via a small internal turbine which generates enough electricity to store enough for emergency situations.

The Pull Down & Pull out Faucets

The plumbing professionals at Orange County Plumber think it is a good idea to get an extendable faucet. The pull down and pull out faucets can come in handy. Let us assume you have to fill a huge pot or a huge cooler which does not fit in your sink; instead of carrying and dumping buckets full of water, the more convenient method would be to pull out the faucet. This will not only save you from all the unwanted back pain, but it will save you from breaking your sink top as well.

Ergonomic Faucets

The new Ergonomic faucets are really cool and easy to use say the experts at Orange County Plumber. They are not only attractive but they add a modern touch to your bathroom and kitchen. These faucets are adjustable which means you can easily place the faucets in the position you are most comfortable in during use. Not only that but they come with very easy joy stick like handles or you can go for the automatic sensor ones as well.

Side Spray Kitchen Faucets

While installing faucets, who wouldn’t want something more? Side sprays can be installed with kitchen faucets as well; these sprays are convenient as they are able to come out of their sockets. You can use these to fill water in appliances which cannot fit in your sink or refill your pet’s water bowl without placing it in the sink.

Make sure all of your faucets whether the ones in the kitchen or the bathrooms are connected to your sump pump. Sump pumps are very useful in letting you know if the water level has risen, so be sure to check yours regularly to prevent flooding and water damage to your home. Sump pumps can be a bit tricky to install, so be sure to call a 24 hour plumber if you require any assistance with your installation.


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