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Learn How To Silence Noisy Water Pipes

Orange County Plumber can really give the best advice, especially when it comes to calling a 24 hour plumber for an unexpected emergency of clanging and banging of noisy water pipes. Can you imagine the horror of waking up to weird banging noises during the middle of the night and having to find a plumber for repair? The noise is actually from the water rushing through loose pipes which keep banging due to the pressure. There is no need to worry anymore; experts at Orange County Plumber bring you 4 tricks you can use to avoid calling a 24 hour plumber in the middle of the night.

Fix those Pipes!

One very practical thing you can do is fix the rattling pipes by anchoring them against the wall’s surface. This will stop the pipes from constantly banging against the wall when water is flowing through them. If the clamps have become a bit loose over time, simply tighten them up.


Wrapping cushions around the pipes will make them noise proof; Orange County Plumber can do this for you if you request for them while installing the pipes. Just in case if Orange County Plumber are not available, wrap a piece of rubber all the way around the pipe. You can use foam or an inner tube of an old garden hose as well. Check if the noise has stopped or not; if it has you have achieved your goal, if not, call Orange County plumber of find a local plumber to take a look at the problem.

Get Rid of the Air

Check for air stuck in the pipes and chambers. If there is air stuck within the chamber, turn the main water supply off and open every faucet in and around your house, including your backyard. This should get rid of any air stuck in the pipes. You can then turn the water supply back on, but if the problem does not go away find a plumber or for emergencies, contact a 24 hour plumber to help you.


Do a diagnosis of the noise and where it is coming from. Once you have figured it out purchase a water pressure gauge and check the pressure of the faucet. If the pressure is over 80 psi, urgently call a 24 hour plumber to assist you. Meanwhile, you can apply cushions and tighten clamps to stop the noisy pipes from creating more noise.


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