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How To Make Sure If Your Toilet Is Flushing Properly

There is a reason why it is important to maintain your appliances regularly, whether it is the fridge, your heater, sump pump, or even your toilet. Keeping your toilet maintained is definitely crucial to calling an emergency 24 hour plumber. There is no telling when a toilet can get clogged up or when the flush fails to flush.

Here is how you can make sure if your toilet is flushing properly.

Leak Detection

If your toilet is not flushing correctly, it might have a leak. If so, open up the tank and listen for any unusual hissing sounds, try to detect where the sound is coming from, if there are hissing sounds but you still can’t see the leak go ahead and find a plumber. To avoid any future leaks and water damage, do a leak detection test. Add some food color into the tank and let it mix with the water. After a couple of minutes, if the colored tank water does not mix in with the clear bowl water, this means there is no leak. However if the colored tank water is mixing with the bowl water, there is definitely a leak.


Examine the toilet’s parts for any holes, or cracks; this includes its flappers, tank balls, seat disks, flush vale seal. Make sure you cannot hear any hissing. Then touch the parts and see if your gloves are covered in residue. If yes, the part needs to be replaced. Find a plumber to get the new parts installed for you and while you are at it, empty the toilet of water.

Flush Valve

Sometimes flushing problems are associated with the flush valves as well. After leak detection, turning the water off, and draining the toilet, find a plumber or call Orange County Plumber to come and take a look and inspect the valve as well.

Turn your water back on if everything seems to be in place and check your full valve. If there are still problems in your toilet, go ahead and call Orange County Plumber, if not, happy flushing.


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