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How To Check The Temperature Of Your Water Heater To Reduce Energy

Who doesn’t love washing clothes in the winter and taking hot showers with hot water? But what about when winter is over? Do you still need water that hot? Why are you paying for hot water which is not needed? In fact why do you want to pay for hot water during the summers if you will not use it? Forget calling a 24 hour plumber, here are some do-it-yourself tips to help you reduce energy in your home:

Turn it down

Plumbers tell their customers to set their heaters at 120°C. Water heaters are the second largest appliance which consumes the most energy, so this means it takes around 18% of energy, which is reflected in your bills. When the temperature is reduced you can save up to 3% on that bill.

Measure the Temperature

No need to find a plumber for hot water heater services when you can follow these simple steps. First, you need to do is check the temperature of the water heater. Sometimes the thermostats can be inaccurate, so the best way to check is via a thermometer. Run hot water under the tap which is far away from the water heater and take note of the temperature. If it is 120 degrees, it is perfectly fine, if it is less, you are saving more money. If it is exceeding 120 degrees, then you may need to turn it down a notch.

Default Temperature

Manufacturers keep the default temperature at 140 degrees; you are the one who has to set the temperature to 120 or less according to your preferences.

Changing the Temperature

Your water heater comes with a thermostat on the side where you can easily spot it; it also comes with warnings and caution stickers by the manufacturers as well which you should not ignore. Once you have located the thermostat, keep in mind that the upper portion controls the lower one as well. The bottom of the thermostat shows your current temperature; to adjust it, you must set the valve to 120 degrees.

If you suspect a problem with your water heater or are uncomfortable adjusting the temperature yourself, then find a local plumber to assist you with your water heater services.


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