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Guide - How To Fix Leaks With Pipe Dope

Kitchen leaks and bathroom leaks can prove inconvenient and can lead you to calling a 24 hour plumber for plumbing emergency. Not only can it take hours to get the leaked water cleaned up, but the water damage can be detrimental to your furniture and appliances as well. Sometimes unnoticed leaks can cause someone to fall and get seriously injured. Here is a small guide on how to prevent such incidents using pipe dope.

Applying pipe dope is a plumbing trick, but before we tell you how, you must know what a pipe dope actually is and how it can help.

What a Pipe Dope is

A pipe dope is a lubricant which is applied on the pipe which has a leak in it. The lubricant seals the crack in the pipe and thus effectively stops it from leaking. A pipe dope is commonly used as a general plumbing material and can be easily found in stores.

Kitchen Leaks & Pipe Dope

Kitchen leaks are common; as the locknut is placed under the basket strainer, it tends to rust after a while causing cracks and leaks. You can check these leaks by placing a tissue on the strainer. If the tissue gets wet after picking up water, that means there is a leak which needs to be taken care of before it causes any further problems. The solution is very simple, consider applying pipe dope on the leak; the pipe dope will prevent the leak from causing any major water damage while you find a plumber to fix the problem professionally.

Bathroom Leaks & Pipe Dope

Just like kitchen leaks, bathroom leaks can cause injuries as well. Wet tiles can result in serious head injuries and if the door is locked, no one may know the person inside needs help.

The best solution for bathroom leaks is applying pipe dope on the pipe which has the crack which is causing the unwanted leak. Pipe dope is a temporary solution to stop the leak from causing further damage. In order to get rid of this problem permanently you will need to find a local plumber for assistance; since leaks are general plumbing services, almost any plumber can come fix them instantly. In the case that you have a leak emergency or require a leak detection, be sure to contact a 24 hour plumber.


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