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Garbage Disposal Cleaning Tips

You must have heard hundreds of methods, tips, and tricks people use to dispose of their garbage, right? Well, to avoid calling a 24 hour plumber in the middle of the night, here are 3 unique tips that can allow you to do it with ease:

All hail the Citrus

Home owners use small tricks to get rid of unwanted odors in their pipes and drains. Here is the trick, citrus acts like acid; it is not harmful to us, so you have nothing to worry about. Either stock some up or use some right from your refrigerator; citrus is commonly found in orange juice, grapefruit, lemon, and lime. Remember this tip before getting rid of those lemon peels, they can be pretty useful.

Melting Ice Cubes

To prevent floods and water damage from a broken garbage disposal, homeowners often use ice cubes to get rid of the garbage stuck in pipes and drains. According to plumbers, this is not a job for a single or a couple of ice cubes, you will require quite a few. What happens is that when the ice melts, it forms the shape of water which helps the clogged garbage continue on its path.

You can also use vinegar instead of water to make the ice cubes. Since it is acidic it will literally melt the, the gunk blocking your blade, and any other gross waste which is stuck in your drainage pipes as well.

Drain Cleaning

Bring Mother Nature’s fury into your kitchen with this simple drain cleaning technique! No need to find a plumber, these plumbing services can teach you how to make a homemade volcano that can eradicate that garbage. First step, sprinkle some baking soda in and on the garbage. Step two, pour about one cup of vinegar, and make sure to stand a bit behind the drain as this can be a tiny bit dangerous. Step three, let the solution set for a couple of minutes, step four, turn off the hot water and let the solution take care of the rest. This is a quick and easy process which hardly takes 5 minutes.


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