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5 Spring Plumbing Tips For Your Kitchen & Bathrooms

When spring has finally arrived it is time to give your plumbing a look. Spring is the best time to look into your home’s plumbing; rain water that is stored underground can damage your pipes irreparably. The dirty rain water contains sediments which can clog your pipe resulting in change in water flow, trash floating in the water, and other problems. These are general plumbing problems  that are necessary to prevent bathroom leaks, and kitchen leaks.

1. Inspection

The first step is to inspect for any bathroom leaks or kitchen leaks. The smallest leaks can cause big trouble at time, and cost you a lot of money to fix as well.  These leaks can often be heard as water dripping from faucets as well. Contact a 24 hour plumber for a leak detection if you need to because the longer you ignore the problem, the more damage can occur, which means you will have to pay more for the repair later.

The Toilet

Faucets are not the only appliances that can spring leaks. Toilet bowls crack often, or their valves may have leaks. The most simple and easiest method to check for bathroom leaks with your toilet is to add food coloring to the tank. After 30 minutes check your bowl, if the water is colored, you have a leak, if not, then the water was coming from somewhere else by using process of elimination.

2. Kitchen Leaks

The best way to prevent any leaks and water damage in your kitchen is to make sure all drainage pipes are clear of trash, which means you might need to do a bit of drain cleaning. Often, water carries sediment which travel with it inside your pipes, and can eventually rupture the plumbing resulting in kitchen leaks. Make sure you ask your plumber to get these problems taken care of before they cause you any major problems in the near future.

3. Kitchen Strainers

Strainers are the best way to prevent any leftovers from finding their way down in to your drainage system. Food waste can cause your drains to clog up which can lead to drainage water making its way back out of the drain.

4. Bathroom Strainers

The same goes for the bathroom, strainers can prevent hair from going into the drainage system and clogging it up. Sometimes coins also tend to fall out from the pockets which can also make their way to your drains. In order to prevent general plumbing problems like these have a plumber check your home using a preventative maintenance checklist.

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